Manage all your Social Media from one place!

Connect all your social platforms and start publishing posts just with one click on multiple platforms. Plan and publish posts just with one click.

Publish content from your blogs and keep connection with your clients

With HitMe social media manager tools you can quickly and in a simple way stay connected with all your clients on multiple platforms. Create and publish post just in minutes.

  • In a Simple and Smart way
  • Easy scheduling for all social networking platforms
  • Full reports of how your schedules is doing

How does it work?

Choose from existing platforms and connect all your social platforms to share post's without limitation.

Explore the potential of the Social Media Manager

Triple potential of your business and connect your website with most popular services. Share posts and products from your shop so more customer could visit your website.

Share posts everywhere

With HitMe you can share posts of most available platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Import and integrate products

Stay connected and automatically integrate products from your shop into all social platforms like Google or Facebook Merchant.

Schedule and plan your posts

You can prepare list of publication posts for future dates so you can focus on other work without worry of any publication.

Publish content from your blogs and keep in touch with your customers to get more conversions on your website.

  • Triple range of your posts
  • Save time publishing the same posts on multiple platforms.
  • Auto publishing and update product information on multiple platforms.
Manage the future

Great solutions for small businesses

HitMe Social Media publishing tool is great for small businesses. With our management tool you can save time and manage future posts from one place.
  • Great solution for small businesses
  • Great to create and promote your own brand
  • Auto-integration on multiple platforms
  • Save time and publish on multiple platforms in the same time
  • Keep connected with your clients by available chat plug-in
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